In my company, "quality is our life," "customer first" principle, to provide users with the highest quality products and perfect after-sale service (pre), I solemnly promise:
One,Help users make product selection, product samples, performance parameters, the installation size.
Two, such as the user needs can be to the scene to guide the user through the correct installation and commissioning.
Third, the company sold the product quality warranty period is one year. "Three Guarantees" in the warranty period. Warranty period in accordance with the instructions or no damage cases, quality problems by the supplier is responsible for the free repair.
Fourth, more than the warranty period, the supplier is responsible for the maintenance, replacement parts only fees.

Fifth, I have the perfect after-sales service assurance system, responsible for after-sales (pre-sales) work by hand.
Sixth, I sold the company's products are on standard production. Detected by the relevant departments of qualified sales.